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  • All of our plays are "1 unit".  If a play is good enough to bet on, we'll send it.  If it's not, we won't.
  • We don't claim profitable accuracy, we prove it!  We offer a free trial so you can see it for yourself.
  • We have only one price, one package. No upsells, ever!
  • We demonstrate the only real way to earn in sports betting is consistency over time.
  • Our prices are reasonable, because we don't just expect you to sign up and give up.  We know you will return and keep making money, month after month, year after year.
  • We do not have to hype our plays because we just actually do win more often than we lose.
  • We don't do affiliate programs or ask you to sign up with "our" sportsbooks. What you do is entirely your choice. This shows that our only goal is to win with you, and obviously, as you win, we hope that you will sign up again and thus we both win.

It makes sense to seek professional advice in sports betting.  There is a lot more to picking a winning game than a gut feeling or betting your favorite team.  But there's a big problem - it's a playground for scammers.  It's just too easy to just put up a website and make claims that you win.  Almost all handicapping services are scams simply trying to take advantage of you. It's not out of the question to designate 95% of would-be sports handicappers as scams. Fortunately they are easy to spot!  If any of these are present, you can be nearly certain it's a scam:

  • impossibly high accuracy claims
  • can't lose, "bet the farm" or "pick of the year" plays
  • more hype than results
  • upselling you to a more premium package because the cheaper one you bought isn't their "best"
  • bait and switch .. oh you lost money on one of their programs, here pay to buy this other one, look how much it's winning!
  • they aren't very good (less than 53%)
  • extremely high prices



The Sportsvestors Difference