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Yes, it’s “fun” and exciting to win, especially when you’ve bet more than you can afford to lose.  Maybe you just lost a game, but then you’ve doubled up on the second game, and you win it all back!  That’s fun and exciting!  But if you’ve tried this, you know all too well, that more often than you care to admit, you have lost that second one too, and you’re now broke and have to go back to work, and slave for money again.

There is nothing exciting about betting a small amount per game.  But, this is the strategy that is simply required to be profitable long-term, because there will be losing days, and you have to be able to ride those out and keep going.  Over time, you’ll see more winning days than losing days.

There are a few things even less “exciting” than betting a small consistent amount per game:

  • Losing 100% on one game !!
  • Paying would-be guru’s hundreds of dollars for bad advice
  • Busting your account and having to send more hard-earned money to your sports book
  • Investing in the stock market and either losing, or making 10% per year ... on a good year
  • Going to work, slaving away, never getting ahead

Please take a new perspective on sports betting:

  • You’re not gambling.  Each bet is a calculated risk.  This is investing.
  • You expect long-term positive return, continuously!
  • You will never have to put money into your book account again.  You only make withdrawals now!!
  • You will laugh at those 10% yearly returns from other investments.
  • If you choose, you will be able to realistically reduce your work hours or perhaps even quit outright.
  • Or you might keep working to pay the bills, but at the same time you’ll be building a massive turbo-charged investment account, with 5 minutes a day of "work".

There are no magic ways to make "fast money" in sports betting.  There are hundreds of would-be gurus that will steal your money and promise that such things exist.  But they don’t.  All that will happen is they will get rich, and you’ll empty your account.  Don’t fall for them!

If you will, look at that word: magic.  Adjust your gambling mindset into investing.  Think about this:  A consistent monthly profit with 5 minutes a day of “work” IS magic.  And if you let your account multiply for a few months, before long (months not years), you will be to a point where you will be bringing down hundreds or even thousands of dollars of profit each month... now that’s magic!

It’s tempting to want it now.  To want it all TODAY!  You want to win that lottery NOW!  But, take a deep breath, sit back, and give it some time, with realistic expectations, and that magic will soon enough be coming your way!

Will this turn $1 into one million dollars tonight?  Nope.  You’ll need to play the lottery for that.  I hope I win! - That's not much of a plan.  Try again next week I guess.  Hey, you can’t win if you don’t play.  Somebody’s gotta win, right?

Which lottery are you going to play?

  • Lottery Ticket – Astronomically improbable
  • Gambling – Almost certainly a path to losing
  • Market Investing – Probably works, but you’re too old to enjoy it 40-50 years from now
  • Sports Investing – Almost certain success, this year

Sports investing will almost certainly turn a small amount invested today into significant monthly profits, month after month, year after year.  Timeframe: this year, while you’re young enough to enjoy it!

So, start that free trial if you haven’t done so yet.  See for yourself that we produce more winners than losers.   Once you’re convinced, subscribe to our service, and start placing wagers!

A lot of people think you cannot win at sports betting.  The fact is sports betting is one of the very few forms of gambling that you can win at.  You need only to hit 52.4% of your bets to break even.  56% proficiency makes you very successful.  If you can hit above 56%, you are going to make large sums of money.

The rest requires consistency, discipline, and obviously good selections!  To be clear – There is no magic bullet, no quick and easy method, and anyone claiming such, is lying and will scam your money from you.

There are only two ways to bet on sports.

  • Gambling – High risk, random plays, guru’s, inside information, 20* picks of the month.  Gambling will either lose straight-up, or maybe win for a while, but will always lose in the long run, always.
  • Investing – The calculated, methodical, consistent, same small amount, day after day, month after month.  Investing may win or lose today, but with near certainty, will win in the long run.

Gambling just won’t work!  If you get just a handful of picks, or you think you’ve found some “inside information” or you are betting your favorite team, just like rolling the dice, sometimes you’ll win and sometimes you’ll lose.  We are not interested in “sometimes” !

We want profit.  Consistent profit.

It’s your choice, today:  Spend years and hundreds, thousands, or maybe tens of thousands of your own money on would-be guru’s and the losses in your accounts.  Keep hoping.  Or, if you choose to, you can start profiting, right here, right now, with us.

Gambling vs. Investing